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San Diego Zoo, Tiger Trail at the Safari Park

San Diego, CA

    Project Overview

    Construction was completed on the new Tiger Trail exhibit at the world famous San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

    The attraction provides a habitat for the Zoo’s Sumatran tigers, as well as multiple interactive features for visitors.

    Central to the exhibit is a 9,000-square-foot house with a raised viewing deck and tiger-holding area.

    The project scope also included the construction of a pump house, office and restroom building, and pond deck for underwater viewing. The project’s unique design emulates Sumatran architecture, with details including peaked roofs constructed from reclaimed corrugated metal, carved gables, and faux-painted steel beams.

    Additional features include a waterfall, children’s play area with rubberized flooring and climbing wall, interactive viewing wall, log walk, and extensive landscaping to reflect the tigers’ native habitat.

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      Sectors Entertainment
    • owner icon
      Owner Zoological Society of San Diego
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      Architect Deneen Powell Atelier, Inc.
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      Square Feet 5.89 acres