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suffolk donna
Director of Planning

Planners used to rely on typical software tools and spreadsheets to plan out projects, but today’s projects are more sophisticated than ever. At Suffolk, planners are expected to challenge the norm and think outside the box because of the real value we can add to the construction process. By integrating cutting-edge virtual models and lean principles with our schedules we’re literally changing the way buildings are planned and built."

Donna N. Director of Planning

suffolk tom
Senior Estimator

We’re never asked to just hand over cost spreadsheets and then move on to the next project assignment. We’re involved in the heavy planning and construction too, from the beginning of our projects all the way to the end. It doesn’t matter what your title is here. At Suffolk, we’re all treated like builders. Because that’s what we are."

Tom C. Senior Estimator

suffolk armando
Senior Superintendent

Complex projects with opportunities to develop new skills. Strong support from leadership. Cutting-edge technologies and processes that help us work smarter. What else could you possibly want as a construction professional?"

Armando D. Senior Superintendent

suffolk stacey
Project Executive

The teamwork and comradery at this company are second to none. We really do feel part of a family. We look out for each other. We watch each other’s backs. There are no hidden agendas or working in silos. The entire Suffolk organization is a highly functional team environment where all functions work together for the good of our projects. And that’s something special."

Stacey S. Project Executive


We value our people more than anything in the world. So we take good care of them by offering a full range of flexible benefit plans, paid time off and other perks that help them recharge their batteries and achieve work-life balance so they feel more fulfilled inside and outside the office.



diversity and inclusion


We are committed to building and leveraging a diverse and inclusive workforce. A workforce where all individuals are supported, respected, connected and valued. Our company embraces differences. We recognize the benefits diversity and inclusion bring to our business and our community. We work to attract and promote talented people from all backgrounds to create an educated, safe workplace with a strong sense of caring and unity. 



Suffolk is proud to be a certified “Great Place to Work.” This national certification, which comes through a research-backed employee experience survey, highlights Suffolk as a workplace where people can thrive. Even in the most challenging times, we come together as a team, grow stronger, and prove impossible wrong at every turn.

suffolk locations

While Suffolk’s culture and approach are consistent and strong throughout our entire organization, each Suffolk region and office has a unique working environment, client base and unlimited potential for opportunity. Explore the impact Suffolk is having in cities throughout the Northeast, Southeast and West Coast.


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