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Life at Suffolk

build people

That’s the spirit that drives us. It creates our tight-knit, collaborative culture. It feeds our curiosity. And it lays the foundation for groundbreaking approaches to how we work.

    Our Awards

    • Great Place to Work U.S., 2022

    • Boston Business Journal Largest Corporate Charitable Contributors in Mass—#15, 2021

    • San Diego Business Journal, Best Places to Work, 2021

    Succeeding at Suffolk

    Katy O’Neil


    “Focus on the three Ps: people, process, and projects. Get to know as many people as possible, discover how Suffolk works, and ask what we have built, are building, and want to build. It takes a year to learn your job and how Suffolk works. Work hard. Be inquisitive, but don’t be too hard on yourself. Job sites and the people who work there are a wealth of information. And they enjoy your visit. Get out. See Suffolk at work.”

    Brent Best


    “Suffolk was my first construction job. I found that the leadership I learned in the Army transitioned to the jobsite: how you approach people, how you talk to them, how you have tough conversations. I appreciate the gratitude that Suffolk has showed toward veterans. People believe in me, and it’s been great to be part of the opportunities here.”

    Marcel Tatu


    “If I had to compare my first time working at Suffolk and this second time returning to the company as a rehire, the HR team has done a great job with the onboarding program. With this new format, I knew right away who we were and where we were heading. This gave me—from day one—confidence on my choice. So, take advantage of and embrace the three-day onboarding program by participating and creating relationships with other participants and the presenters. Understanding the vision and the direction Suffolk is taking for the future, and the role you might play in it, will give you confidence in your choice and a clear path to where the company is heading.”

    Feeling inspired to work here?

    We want people who are bold. Innovative. Courageous. Caring. Looking for the career opportunity of a lifetime. Here, you can be a part of something bigger than anything you can accomplish on your own.

    We’ve set our aspirations high, driving forward and adapting to find a way—no matter the challenge—while still building an environment where we put people above all. And we encourage our employees to do the same.


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