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    A pioneering approach

    Suffolk is at the forefront of game-changing innovations that are impacting the world and changing the ways we build.

    A dedicated data team
    Leveraging data to drive business decisions

    7 CoLabs nationwide
    Powering jobsite innovation

    Suffolk Technologies
    Investing in and partnering with tech startups

    Redefine what’s possible with data

    Break through barriers in our CoLabs

    Inside the CoLabs

    This is a 360-degree image of a Suffolk CoLab. Use your mouse to click and drag to the right and left to navigate around the CoLab. Click on a technology within the image to learn more about how it drives innovation in the space.

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    By the Numbers

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      3 Ways VR Is Changing Construction

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      Why VR, Why Now Episode 2 Recap

      In this series, we host professionals to discuss and showcase how they are utilizing VR to meet their…

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      Inside Suffolk’s L.A. “Smart Lab”

      The contractor has spent the last two years investing in burgeoning technology, headlined by the instillation of seven…

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      Construction Firms Overcome COVID Challenges to Keep Projects on Track

      Technology was especially important when construction sites in the Bay Area were shut down, and numerous digital tools…

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