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Design Management

Suffolk Design: Streamlining the workflow between design and construction

Suffolk Design is our in-house design and design-management team. We partner with clients, designers, and Suffolk’s operations teams to deliver projects in a variety of sectors — commercial, multifamily, hospitality, higher education, life sciences and health care — with greater speed, completeness, and certainty.

    Why Suffolk Design?

    When design and construction experts are unable to collaborate or communicate effectively during design, incomplete and uncoordinated drawings lead to construction delays and added costs. As architects working on the builder’s side, our design managers appreciate the need to balance design vision with constructability, cost, and schedule goals.

    Design Management

    What we do

    Working with Suffolk’s preconstruction teams, Suffolk Design’s licensed architects and engineers provide key services geared towards driving project success from design inception through completion.

    Our Team

    Suffolk Design is made up of licensed architects, professional engineers, and design technologists who bring their experience and collaborative mindset to bridge the gap between design and construction.

    Design Management

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