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Plan + Control

A singular process

At Suffolk, we challenge the status quo every day in pursuit of better ways to work. Plan + Control is our revolutionary design collaboration process that sets a new standard for design and coordination in the industry.

    Plan + Control

    How it works

    Step 1

    Phase Plan

    Step 2

    Design Pull Plan

    Step 3

    Coordinated Layout

    Step 4

    Field Quality Control

    Plan + Control joins design and construction conversations much earlier in the building process, which minimizes impact on cost and schedule. Our process is based on Lean principles and drives resolution of design constraints during the ideation and drafting process—long before we’d need to fix them in the field. Through this work, Plan + Control produces drawings that are buildable: construction-ready documents with all the geometry coordinated. The benefit? Our building process moves quickly, safely, and seamlessly. If there are no requests for information to slow construction, how fast can we build a project? Plan + Control moves this question from the hypothetical to reality.

    Plan + Control in action

    Plan + Control

    By the numbers

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