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Old Colony Redevelopment

Phase One and Two - Boston, MA

    Project Overview

    Suffolk completed phase one of the 850-unit Old Colony Redevelopment project, which is situated on an occupied 16-acre site.

    Work included the demolition of 164 units and construction of 116 affordable housing units located in a midrise building and four clusters of wood frame townhouses. In addition, Suffolk built a 10,000 square-foot community center and maintenance garage and managed improvements to roadways, parking areas, utility infrastructure, and landscaping.

    Originally built in 1940, Old Colony is the largest property in Boston Housing Authority’s portfolio, and it had become the most physically distressed. Prior to the redevelopment, outdated infrastructure was utilized and the inefficient energy use led to above average costs per unit. Old Colony’s redevelopment was designed to include green building and energy efficient measures as well as utilize low impact development strategies to achieve an optimum standard in healthy housing. While the phase one midrise building and townhomes earned LEED Platinum, the entire housing community was designed with a Net Zero Master Plan and achieved LEED Gold for Neighborhood Development.

    Suffolk’s value engineering efforts saved the project over $1 million on the foundation system, which allowed the project to maintain all of its original green building design features. After the successful completion of phase one, Suffolk constructed the second phase of the Old Colony Redevelopment project. The 147,000 square-foot project consisted of the demolition of 223 distressed units and construction of four three-story townhomes and two mid-rise wood-frame structures for a total of 169 affordable housing units.

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      Sectors Affordable Housing
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      Owner Beacon Communities Development LLC
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      Architect The Architectural Team
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      Square Feet Phase 1: 147,000; Phase 2: 147,000
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      LEED Status Gold