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We believe it’s time to think differently and leverage the power of innovation and technology to create a more efficient, collaborative and enjoyable construction experience. It’s time to close the book on “the way it’s always been done” and focus on new and better ways to build. But this spirit of invention and innovation cannot be left to just a handful of visionary individuals in an organization. Achieving “better” must begin with curious people and an innovative corporate culture that encourages dreaming big and executing on a vision.

suffolk chris lopez

This is different than anything I ever used before. With this process, the project moves a lot faster with a lot less headache. And it changes the whole mood on the project. It creates a calmer relationship with trade partners. They love it and they’re going to beg us to do this on every job. I know I would. Because it’s about knowing you can come together and eliminate issues earlier as a team. I’ll never go back to the other way. This is the only way to do it, especially on complex projects. This is going to change the industry. It’s a game changer."


Chris Lopez

suffolk chris kehoe

Using this process, we’re finding 99 percent of the mistakes earlier in the process so we can fix them right away, rather than finding out about them five months later. And you can see the trade partners embrace it. Before we poured the concrete, we showed them the mistakes using the model and they realized exactly what happened and quickly corrected the error before the pour began. I don’t want to say it’s futuristic but it’s definitely innovative and intuitive. It’s all about thinking, planning and getting problems solved before you execute, rather than going out there and winging it in the field.”


Chris Kehoe
Project Manager

chris kekicheff

This process really benefits productivity in the field. Once you set up the sequence of work and have the plan coordinated properly...things just fly and it's pretty exciting to see. You don't have to keep re-checking or going back, everyone's on the same page because they are all looking at the same coordinated model. It's really been rewarding seeing the superintendents so pumped talking to the foreman both looking at the coordinated plan that I worked so hard to put together with their input.”


Chris Kekicheff
Senior Project Manager

suffolk 340 fremont

340 Fremont

340 Fremont is envisioned as a sustainable, high-density 348-unit residence consisting of a 41-story tower over an eight-story base. The building includes generous amenities in a nine-story podium, including a fitness center, yoga room, owner’s lounge, business center, game room, and pet grooming area. The project also includes three levels of below-grade parking.