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Verizon Media Group

NE1 Electrical Refresh - La Vista, NE

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    Project Overview

    The NE1 Electrical Refresh project is our fourth consecutive design-build project with Verizon Media Group.

    The project was completed in a live data center and consisted of creating a mainframe computing space and a new point of entry (POE) room. Scopes of work included electrical switchgear upgrades, EPMS and BMS improvements, containment installation, cooling improvements, telecom ductbank installation, fiber design, and fitout. The key to this project was working as one cohesive team with Vanderweil, Verizon Media Group, and our trade partners. The group’s coordination allowed us to complete work quickly and efficiently to turnover usable space. Specifically, the Suffolk and Vanderweil team worked hand-in-hand to design, procure, install, and commission the project. The on-site team worked hand-in-hand with the Verizon Media Group facilities team to coordinate shut downs, tie-ins, and commissioning activities within the live data center. Through the life of the project, Verizon Media Group did not experience any downtime. The team also had to coordinate directly with a third party, IBM, who was providing and installing the mainframe equipment. There were very specific power, cooling, and fiber requirements that we needed to meet for IBM, which we were able to do successfully.

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