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suffolk cares foundation

Suffolk Cares Foundation: Dream Big, Do Great

The Suffolk Cares Foundation supports organizations and initiatives that address the greatest challenges facing our neighborhoods. We empower young people by providing them cutting-edge educational experiences and STEM education opportunities that inspire them to become lifelong learners and develop skills for the workforce of tomorrow. We build healthy communities by supporting healthcare and social services organizations that are transforming neighborhoods into thriving, vibrant communities. And we leverage sophisticated technologies and Suffolk resources to encourage community partners to dream big and accomplish their ambitious goals. We are committed to helping communities prove impossible wrong every day to achieve a brighter future. 

suffolk giving circle

Giving Circle

The Giving Circle is an employee-driven nonprofit dedicated to supporting our Suffolk family and “extended family” in times of great need. Funded by employee payroll deductions and generous sponsorship dollars, The Giving Circle offsets the costs of medical crises, catastrophic natural events and home emergencies when unexpected tragedy strikes our colleagues and friends.

suffolk volunteer


We are passionate about getting our hands dirty in our communities and helping others through the spirit of volunteerism. We believe our time and engagement in the community are the greatest gifts we can offer people in need, so Suffolk volunteers from every region and level of our organization contribute their valuable time, expertise and enthusiasm to important causes that help bolster our local communities and neighborhoods.