John Fish

What is the most exciting thing about working in this business? What is your professional passion? 
For me, building relationships and helping people grow personally and professionally are the most exciting parts of being in this business. I often say “we don’t build buildings, we build relationships.” And because of that, I consider myself the luckiest man in the world! 

What is your favorite community cause or philanthropic organization?
A few years ago, the City of Boston and I co-founded Scholar Athletes which is a program for inner-city high school students that leverages the direct link between success in school sports and success in academics. The program has helped thousands of scholar athletes improve their grades, prepare for college and succeed in life.

What is your favorite Suffolk event? 
I enjoy seeing people from all departments and projects, and their families, come together for Suffolk-sponsored events, including summer gatherings, our Fall Festival and other special occasions throughout the year. Any Suffolk event that brings together our people and give them opportunities to meet new people and strengthen existing relationships is always the most fun for me. 

Name a technology you wish existed or one that was recently created and you started using. 
I wish there was a technology that could give me just a few more hours in the day. Twenty-four hours never seems like enough!

What innovation have you seen in the construction industry that has made the most impact? Where do you see the opportunity for future innovation? 
I would say virtual design and construction has had the greatest immediate impact on the industry. By allowing us to build buildings before we build them, we can more safely deliver higher-quality buildings on budget and on schedule. We’re already starting to integrate these incredible virtual models with costs and schedules to produce an even more useful tool for building. And we’re still not scratching the surface with this technology!