Ben Wilson

What is your personal passion and how does it apply to your role at Suffolk?

I have always been drawn to activities that challenge me, both mentally and physically. For example, I enjoy planning and navigating trips to other countries like Nicaragua to spearfish. It’s invigorating when you’re in the out-islands and completely self-reliant with only a backpack, surfboard and a passion for spending time in remote parts of the world with people you’ll never find on Facebook. Journeys like these require hard work and commitment, and you return with a sense of accomplishment and gratitude towards the entire experience and everyone you meet. The Suffolk culture is similar in that it challenges you in different ways and exposes you to people from different backgrounds who can change the way you look at your career and life. It’s a supportive culture conducive to professional and personal growth, and it offers you chances to step back from your work and admire what you accomplished.