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Jay Fayette

President, Florida East Coast

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West Palm Beach


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Years at Suffolk:

7 year(s)

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Past Employer/Position:

President and CEO of PC Construction Company

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Years in the Industry:

45 year(s)

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-Elected to Vermont State Colleges Hall of Fame as a Distinguished Alumni in 2017
-Made The Florida Construction Power100 List 2023

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O’Brien Brothers Realty, Spectrum Family & Youth Services, Kidsafe Collaborative of Chittenden County, and Vermont State College Alumni Council

What is the most exciting thing about working in this business? What is your professional passion?

My passion and excitement about working in this industry is achieving the total win. It’s about bringing excellence to all facets of an opportunity: excellence in strategy of the pursuit, excellence in owner relationships, excellence in preconstruction, excellence in construction, and ultimately excellence in delivering to the owner a project that exceeds their highest expectations. The win / win, that’s what it’s all about!

What do you love to do when you aren’t at work? What is your personal passion and why?

I love spending time with my wife and our kids, bringing everyone together when we can for travel and holidays. We all love boating, spending time on Florida’s coastline, and Lake Champlain and Juniper Island during our summers in Vermont. My personal passion is as basic as it gets: mowing grass on my mower. I’ve come to realize it’s my Zen.

What is your favorite community cause or philanthropic organization to support and why?

I’ve been active over the past 25 years in organizations that care for and provide services to children and young adults in dire need in our communities. It started with Home Safe of Palm Beach County, Kidsafe Collaborative of Chittenden County, Boys and Girls Club, and Spectrum Family and Youth Services of Vermont. We need to reach the most disenfranchised children and youth in our communities, do what we can to give them a chance at life, and show them another way to succeed while they endure often untenable situations. If we don’t catch them in this time and space in their life, we lose them.

What sport did you play and how did it help you professionally?

I grew up playing a lot of sports — good at some, average at most — but tennis, skiing, hockey and golf were my primary sports. Back in 1974, three of my close buddies and I set out to break a Guinness Book world record for doubles tennis. We played for just under 45 hours straight. It was nuts! I think that experience had a profound effect on me as a 15-year-old kid. Hockey also taught me the fundamentals of teamwork and how to win as a team, and that has carried with me for my lifetime as well.

What is your favorite quote?

Fate whispered to the Warrior, “You cannot withstand the Storm,” and the Warrior whispered back “I am the Storm.”