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Brad Brown

President, Texas Region

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Years at Suffolk:

2 year(s)

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Past Employer/Position:

Austin Commercial, President

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Years in the Industry:

26 year(s)

What is most exciting thing about working in this business? What is your professional passion?

The most exciting thing about working in this business is that it is relationship-driven, and we have the ability to invest in those relationships. The best projects, the best teams and the best outcomes traditionally happen because we developed and valued those relationships.

My professional passion is service. Customers, employees, subcontractor partners, suppliers and more all have options with whom to work with; I hope to serve in such a way that they want to work with me and Suffolk.

What is your favorite community cause or philanthropic organization to support and why?

I am a proud member of the Salesmanship Club of Dallas. Through education, the Momentous Institute and its family therapy centers, the club changes outcomes for kids and families. Also, watching local business leaders align and humbly serve with no ego and good fellowship has been personally rewarding.

What was your favorite family experience?

For 12 consecutive years, my family has attended Pine Cove Family Camp at Crier Creek in Columbus, Tex. I thought my days of summer camp were over as a kid, but to experience the same level of fun with my family has been an even greater joy. Also, the intentionality of doing something every year — and getting away together and distancing from work — has provided me a great personal, spiritual and professional reset.

What innovation have you seen in the construction industry that has made the most impact? Where do you see the opportunity for further innovation?

The tools and technologies used during the pandemic, when construction professionals remained essential and extremely productive — while other industries worked at home — shows just how resourceful this industry is. I can assure you Suffolk will continue to lead on future innovations that change the industry.

Who was your mentor / biggest influence and what did they teach you?

My dad showed me work ethic, technical aptitude and to be fair in all dealings. Business development titan Mike Scott showed me the value of setting priorities professionally and personally.

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