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“We’re actually building three unique buildings all meshed together, all at the same time. You have a structure made of concrete and precast beams that holds up the trains. Then you have a steel structure that wraps around that structure and supports itself on those same columns and piers. And then you have three towers punching through all of it. Miami has never seen anything like this before. Nobody builds buildings with train stations and buildings on top. That’s just cool.”


Juan Carlos Freyre
Client, All Aboard Florida

suffolk juan carlos

The difference on this project is that Suffolk took the lead and provided us a forum early on to find common ground and engage with each other earlier in the process. As a client, having these conversations earlier in the process helps you sleep at night. The benefits are tangible and you can feel it on the project sites — everyone knows what they’re doing and they’re moving confidently in the right directions. At the end of the day, it’s about people. They [Suffolk] were particularly qualified for this task because they bring people together."


Juan Carlos Freyre

suffolk john planz

You have to sit down at that table as equals and actually pay attention to everyone’s concerns. You cannot just make demands. That collaborative approach has been really successful on this project. Sometimes you can’t deliver what everyone wants every time, but it’s important to let them know they’ve been heard. This also shows them that everyone in the room is giving up something for the good of the entire project. That’s what successful collaboration is all about."


John Planz

suffolk kirtan patel

I haven’t seen this approach with other general contractors on other projects I’ve worked on. Suffolk doesn’t act like a normal CM or GC. They bring everybody’s issues to the table. They go around the room and ask what everyone wants out of a meeting and then they write all their answers on the white board, just to make it clear that there are multiple goals that need to be addressed during the meeting. Suffolk’s leadership and willingness to listen are an important part of what makes their approach different and innovative."


Kirtan Patel

suffolk all aboard florida

All Aboard Florida - MiamiCentral

The All Aboard Florida - MiamiCentral project will consist of a 59,000 square-foot station facility, a 41,000 square-foot loading area, a 180,000 square-foot passenger platform, 178,000 square feet of retail space, and 344,000 square feet of parking with 800 spaces. MiamiCentral will be the southernmost stop for the express passenger rail service that will run from Orlando to Miami in under three hours.