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SFO060 and SFO061 Data Centers


    Project Overview

    Suffolk was selected by one of the largest cloud providers in the world to build tenant fit-outs of two Tier IV 20 MW data centers within Build-to-Suite Core/Shell buildings constructed by a 3rd party developer and general contractor.

    Both projects possess many unique characteristics, the first being their locations in Santa Clara, CA, and Hayward, CA. Data centers of this scale are not typically built in this region, but once completed, the facilities will offer premium real estate for our client’s cloud customers. As sister projects, SFO061, located in Hayward, CA will begin approximately six months after SFO060. Suffolk, our core trade partners, and Salas O’Brien will be partnering to execute both projects simultaneously.

    Both projects are three-story, Tier IV, 20 MW data centers for which Suffolk is providing a tenant fit-out. The projects will consist of nine phases of construction, each staggered to provide optimal turnover to the client for operations. Each phase of the data hall will include two fully redundant electrical rooms complete with switchgear, battery backed UPS systems, and Power Distribution switchboards, all cooled by in room CRAH units. The electrical rooms will be backed by 2.5 MW Tier-IV doublestacked generators. Four primary air handling units will be provided with each phase turnover to cool the server racks. Each data hall will have hot aisle containment installed, which acts as the backbone for ductwork, sprinkler, and electrical distribution throughout. There are three primary exhaust shafts that will remove the hot air from containment racking up and out of the building.

    The three floors of office space will support facility and security operations within the data center. The office space will be highly secure, including badged entry at most of the doors, and in-wall security mesh throughout. A substantial amount of exterior work is required, which consists of five large matt slabs to support over 20 2.5 MW Tier IV generators and a large steel catwalk structure required to access the generators.

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