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    Project Overview

    Suffolk was selected by one of the largest cloud providers in the world to lead a new campus expansion in Boardman, Oregon.

    This new addition includes the third of four data centers complete with a security building and an industrial waste building to serve the upcoming campus in its entirety. Due to the extensive site and shell scope that precedes the data center build out, this project possesses unique characteristics. While this is an expansion on an existing campus, it is the first build of its kind with a new UPS design and sets the standard for future data center builds on campus. Suffolk is partnering with Yost Grube Hall who has designed the security and industrial buildings and the data halls.

    The primary load on the PDX111 project is the data center with 60 MW of backup power generation arranged in a 2N+1 redundant power configuration (A&B path with catcher system). Other loads requiring power include the campus-wide Security building with an estimated peak capacity of 150 kW and campus-wide Industrial Water Treatment facility with a peak capacity of 1 MW. This project consists primarily of a high bay area for two data halls, electrical rooms, mechanical rooms, loading dock, office, storage areas, and a fire pump room.

    The two data halls are split into 12 separate pods which are phased and commissioned, respectively, to be turned over to the client for immediate operation. Phase 1, located in the center of the building, is comprised of the main security and office hub to support the operations of the data center as well as the first installed portion of the data hall. The remaining phases are built out on either side of this office/security area.

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