Kim Vaughan

What is the most exciting thing about working in this business? What is your professional passion?
It is absolutely amazing to be in an industry that literally creates the communities in which we live. To drive around the cities in which we work and see the buildings and skyline that we have built is inspiring. My passion is to continually challenge ourselves to become a better company and create an iconic company that is the envy of other companies from all industries. I like to think outside the box, drive creativity and engage our people so that we continually change and evolve.

What do you love to do when you aren’t at work? What is your personal passion and why? 
Outside of work it’s all about family and friends. My husband, Michael, and I are lucky to be parents to his three wonderful kids (Jack, Grace and Mick), and our set of twins (Chip and Mae).  We live in the city but escape to our treasured spot on Cape Cod as often as we can.  We are extremely close with extended family and are fortunate to have everyone nearby.  Personally, I feel blessed to have grown up with an amazing set of parents and a wonderful sister.  We were a tight knit group. My passion is to do everything possible to create something as special for my own family.

What was your favorite family experience?
When we grew up, we summered at a place called Greensboro, VT.  My father, and his extended family and friends, grew up summering there so it was a very special spot. We spent a lot of uninterrupted quality family time. We’d go to the lake, take long walks and hikes, play tennis and go on lots of picnics.  Almost every weekend, my father would play golf and my mom, sister and I would walk with him and see how many lost golf balls we could collect along the way and in the woods. My sister and I would get quite competitive about it!

What is your greatest Suffolk memory? 
My favorite memory was the launch of our Build Smart brand.  We unveiled the new “build smart” tagline to the entire company through a national, live video feed. As part of the launch, we coordinated simultaneous corporate meetings in each region, with our leadership spread throughout the country.  The energy and enthusiasm that we experienced as one national team around this new “build smart” promise was inspiring.

What sports did you play and how did it help you professionally? 
I ran track through high school and college.  The sense of team, discipline and drive that came from my experience in athletics helped shape who I am, both personally and professionally. My high school and college teams were both heavy underdogs that won major championships, which had a profound impact on me.  The lesson I learned was that if you dream, believe, work hard and give it your all, you can shock the world. The entire experience was thrilling and provided ongoing inspiration for me to always “just go after it” in life and at work, even when it seems impossible.