Jonathan Smotherman

What is your personal passion and how does it apply to your role at Suffolk?

Throughout my life, I have always enjoyed chasing challenges, whether it was sports, fitness and now a successful career. I have been fortunate to work on many large projects throughout my career that offered me opportunities to become a self-reliant leader. During college, I owned my own construction company with four of my childhood friends. During that time while working and going to college, I realized that work can be enjoyable and fulfilling as long as you surround yourself with people that have a common goal. The work may be difficult and challenging, but if you come together and work hard almost anything can be achieved. The same rings true at Suffolk. Suffolk is on the leading edge of the construction industry winning some of the most complicated and sophisticated projects in the country. And Suffolk hires great people and provides constant training and great opportunities for employees to excel. Suffolk is a very good fit for me as I continue to chase my next great career challenge.