David Thomack

What is the most exciting thing about working in this business? What is your professional passion?
Construction is a relatable industry. We are born into a world that exists because of construction. From hospitals and homes to roads and vehicles, everything we encounter on a daily basis is connected in some way to our amazing industry. And each project is the culmination of the efforts of men and women operating together, for a finite period of time, in a very special, temporary business that results in a product for all to experience. 

What do you love to do when you aren’t at work? What is your personal passion and why?
Outside of work, my time is dedicated to my family and filled with my kids’ extracurricular activities. On rare and special occasions, I get to experience “Date Night” with my wife when we enjoy live music, theatre or just strolling through the Napa and Sonoma Valleys tasting wine. My wife and I also spend time working on home improvement projects when we have free time. 

What innovation have you seen in the construction industry that has made the most impact?  Where do you see the opportunity for further innovation?
I believe the innovation that has made the greatest impact on the industry is Integrated Project Delivery (IPD). Full IPD agreements allow teams to fully trust, communicate, plan, learn and execute work as one cohesive unit. It’s amazing how successful projects can be when all the stakeholders are contractually incentivized to share risks, rewards and successes. 

What sport did you play and how did it help you professionally?
I played football and baseball in high school, and I also participated in gymnastics and wrestling during off seasons. Sports were a great outlet for me and taught me many lessons I still apply today in my personal and professional life, like the importance of teamwork and perseverance, coping with success and failure, and service to others above self. Sports are still an important part of my life. I remain active in coaching and fundraising for high school sports.    

What is your favorite quote
“Always do nice work.” — Fred Thomack, my father

Who was your mentor/biggest influence and what did they teach you?
My father was my mentor during my childhood and young adult years. He was a teacher at a college in Madison, Wisconsin and was a well-respected land surveyor. He taught me that nothing comes easy, and he believed that hard work combined with passion was good recipe for success. Although there were many summer days I would have preferred playing with friends rather than holding the end of a 100-foot steel tape or struggling to hold a 20-foot level rod plumb, I have always appreciated the work ethic and level of professionalism my father instilled in me at an early age. He passed away 20 years ago. I would give almost anything to have one last Manhattan with him overlooking the sunset on Columbia Lake.