David Loomes

What is the most exciting thing about working in this business?
We are extremely fortunate to build structures and facilities that last for generations. As such, we can apply our core value of Caring and think more broadly about connecting what we do to a larger purpose—one that extends beyond Suffolk.  Thinking about and incorporating how our activities can help shape and improve the quality of experience for those who work, live or visit the facilities we build are critical to our success. 

What is your professional passion?
I believe developing talent and the next generation of leaders is a key obligation for us.  I work hard to fulfill this obligation and it’s incredibly rewarding to see people grow and take on new opportunities.  Suffolk invests a lot in leadership development programs and it’s incredibly exciting to see the richness of talent in the organization and the growth opportunities that Suffolk offers.

What do you love to do when you aren’t at work? What is your personal passion and why?
I like to spend quality time with family and close friends. I also enjoy training for and participating in triathlons. Having a regular workout routine really helps me stay active and helps keep a good balance between work and personal priorities.

What was your favorite family experience?
As a family, we really enjoy returning to South Africa for vacations.  Our trips there help us stay connected with extended family. We also enjoy going on safari and allowing our children the opportunity to see the splendor of African wildlife in a very natural setting.  Another highlight of our trips is to assist our daughters efforts in supporting and visiting an under-privileged community, helping them buy basic supplies and install sanitation facilities.

What sport did you play and how did it help you professionally? 
I played water polo, cricket and rugby growing up. I think playing a team sport provides many great leadership lessons—particularly that the team’s success is a higher priority than personal success and the need to play different positions to help the overall team performance.

If you could have lunch with someone, dead or alive, who would it be and why?
I would pick three leaders who have helped shape world history - Nelson Mandela, Ghandi and Winston Churchill.