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Sean Keaney

Senior Safety Manager

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Years at Suffolk:

10 year(s)

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Favorite Project

Winthrop Center Tower

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Sector Experience

9 years in construction industry. Worked on a mix of commercial and education projects.

What is the most exciting thing about working in this business? What is your professional passion?

The most exciting this for me is building the buildings structure, from foundation to rooftop whether it’s concrete or steel that phase is most exciting for me. The other exciting part is seeing the passion and countless hours poured into these projects but the men and women working for our trade partners. The third exciting part for me is working with teams that constantly each other to be our best. My professional passion is family and relationships. That might sound a little off but family is what’s most important to be and sending our trade partners home safely to their families is part of how that passion is received. Relationships developed during a project help that passion grow even more are you understand that carpenter is also a husband, father, brother, best friend, etc.